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Is Pilates for me?

Abby - age 59

I suffer from chronic lyme. Knowing that some form of gentle exercise would probably help me, I started taking private sessions with Gina. It has made a remarkable difference for me. I have significantly more strength and flexibility, and it has helped increase my level of energy. All this was accomplished in just one session each week. Gina worked with my limitations, helping me to get the most benefit, even on my difficult days.

Bruce - age 80

I first became acquainted with Pilates through my wife who became actively involved and sang its praises. My own introduction came through a movie – a documentary on the work of Joseph Pilates and a demonstration of the various exercises and equipment. I was immediately in awe of the grace and power found within the practice. 

It is now five years later. My group and individual sessions are among the high points of my week. I frequently note I am able to function physically far better than many others my age – and even younger – as the result of the body control and mobility learned through the Pilates Method.

Krista - age 36

Gina is a total miracle worker! Her knowledge and training in the Classical Pilates Method is unparalleled in this area, and she is quite simply, a great teacher and guide for people at any level of physical ability. When I began at PURE Pilates I had never done Pilates, rarely worked out and had chronic back pain and sciatica. Today, I have a regular Pilates practice, am stronger, more flexible, have better posture and all of my ailments have disappeared.

Brian - age 59

I was drawn to Pilates several years ago for the purpose of strengthening my core to fix the lower back pain that I had had for many years. Gina's use of the Pilates Method to correct this, has worked, and I no longer have back pain issues. Five years later, I am still reaching new goals I set for myself. Gina is a consummate professional that I would highly recommend. The strength I have gained through Gina and Pilates is measurable and worth the investment.

Barbara - age 78

I joined Gina's 60+ Mat Class two years ago and was hooked from the first class that I took. Pilates has made me more flexible, strengthened my core muscles, and helped with my balance. I often come to class with tight muscles, painful, arthritic feet and a general weakness and after class I feel so refreshed and much more flexible. Gina's classes are very structured and instructions are given very clearly. She is always upbeat and very positive so that I leave in such a happy mood. It clearly has made a difference in my life.

Lucinda - age 49

I walked into PURE Pilates over 5 years ago, and immediately felt a sense of inclusion. Pilates has done so much for me physically and mentally. Physically, it strengthens my body in a way that nothing else ever has. The movements stretch my muscles and constantly improve my flexibility. My core is stronger, and that improves so many other things. The studio itself has a very welcome feel to it, while the owner, Gina Heysek, sets the tone. Her passion for Pilates permeates the studio with such a great energy. You see it in everything from her choice of equipment to her teaching style, which is adaptive and encouraging no matter what your level or challenges.